21 September 2010

A-ha, Partridge in Loaded.

Remember this? when Loaded magazine was decent and Stone Island still (ever so slightly) fairly exclusive. It was twelve years ago, October to be precise when a stroke of genius to get Steve Coogan in a photoshoot as his greatest comic creation. Hailing a taxi in an expensive piece of Italian knitwear was one of the best things I'd ever seen back then. I think I even framed it.

Coogan also played up as Mancunian student hating pisshead Paul Calf.

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  1. genius

    stone island/cp still make beautiful clothes but ill add that i didnt go near stone island in the 90s because it was worn by pie eating pasty faced proto chavs in awful trainers and stone wash denim. now the sheep have unanimously ditched it in favour walking boots and norwegian fishing jackets ill happily wear it, its due a rebirth, only this time worn with sockless boat shoes and a pair of pale pink chinos, like what them italians do. know what i mean guv?