30 April 2012

Yankee Doodle Candy.

Look sweets! Just like ours but all different and American. I like chocolate bars (it shows to be honest) who doesn't?
I was told there was an American candy store in Afflecks in town and I was like a kid in a sweetshop funnily enough. A kid that spends fifteen quid on fucking bars.

25 April 2012


It's a great feeling when a little scribble I did ends up turning into hard goods. These new 'lad' inspired badges I did based around the old enamel Peter Storm badge are just that. After last year's Acid Ramblers (bottom) ones it was time for some more. Whether you'd stick 'em on your coat or just collect them they are pretty cool eh? I'm chuffed how they've come out. Deliberately Limited to 100 of a double set and released on Friday. Acid Casuals. Connoisseur.

22 April 2012

Cotton smocks and thick socks.

Heritage is dead? Long live heritage! Another slice of classic cool, always going to form a massive part of the look as far as I'm concerned. Pics from various dates in the 60's of the Liverpool Catholic Ramblers' Association. Thanks to Richard for the find.

20 April 2012

Great War Photos.

Great War photos was launched in January this year, in anticipation of the 2014-18 centenary of the First World War. Webmaster Paul Reed is using it to showcase some of the thousands of rare photographs he has amassed over a thirty year period.
Many published for the first time with a connecting story too. WW1 is something which fascinates me, like many others something I also have a family connection to, it's also something I'd love to know more about.
Definitely one to bookmark and keep an eye on, a real work in progress.

16 April 2012

Three days in Berlin.

Just had a great little trip to Berlin, stayed in the trendy Kreuzberg borough and took in a lot of touristy stuff. Fascinating place, unbelievable history. Made some new friends, Dynamo fans from the former East. Drank in one of the coolest bars in Europe Die Tagung. Crammed a lot in, drank a lot of pils, schnaps, vodka and met some cool beardy old friends...