25 December 2012

18 December 2012

Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion.

I really like the look of this stuff, nice lengthy coats with big hoods. Russia is a cool place with clued up folk, it's only right that a new label comes out of Moscow at some point. Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion is a cool sounding name too. One to watch.

15 December 2012

Film on Paper.

Ace detailed shots of the classic Warriors (1979) poster by David Jarvis via the excellent Film on Paper site.

11 December 2012

Connoisseur hats.

The Connoisseur Black Lodge and Overlook hats, styled and shot by Danny Allison and Peter O'Toole.

9 December 2012


This is cool, not a massive graphic novel/comic fan, but everyone's favourite supporting Wiseguy Frank Vincent battering a load of zombies alongside one of the Ramones ought to be as cool as it sounds. Check it out Alan Robert's Killogy.

3 December 2012

Clarks Edgar Way.

Yep, more shoes. Don't anyone dare say I aint got no soul/sole. I have with these, they're fucking massive. I had these in their previous guise many moons ago and never remembered where they ended up. I did check the shed, loft and cellar. Thanks to Clarks for re-introducing this, my new fave model. I'm not sure these would be ideal in the forthcoming slush we'll soon be moaning about, especially after a few shandies. But, they are cool, proper Marmite flavoured Cornish pasty shoes.