22 May 2013


Great jacket here from my brothers from another Mother. Our Culture our friends in the real North, crossed paths with the Nemen brand and came up with this nice, ultra limited coat made in Italy. Snapped up quickly by a select few, it never really made it to general sale, so it's certainly a keeper. 
Made from an ITS Artea collab with Nemen and processed at Tintoria Emiliana where Nemen's Fabio chose a double dying process and an anti-drop treatment to make it waterproof giving it a nice, rugged crinkled effect. Coming in a vivid Swedish blue with yellow lining, good work chaps! 5/13.

9 May 2013


Superb! just superb. London in 1927 in colour, via Bank Holiday.

3 May 2013



The great Nighthawks painting by Edward Hopper from 1942 and some of the various parodies it spawned.