31 October 2011


Easily pleased, me.

27 October 2011


That's right, as you can see from the box Mr Miyagi sender me this. Pph.
Seems like an age since I ordered it, but it finally arrived, a delay largely thanks to those pesky customs folk/twats. Worth the wait though, John Lofgren is a label still off the radar for many, but really nice stuff, concentrating on high quality traditional garments and as good as anything in the top shops over here. I've already got a Salt and Pepper Railroad shirt and a cap and could easily get more.
This polka dot hunting vest is something I'll wear a lot over the coming months, the details are super. I'm going to look like someone from Boardwalk Empire right up until spring. Maybe.

24 October 2011


These amazing pics look like a modern day shoot for a trendy brands look-book or brochure, there's a real timeless cool about it which it's not hard to see where a lot of today's stuff takes it's influence. These pics originate from 1958 would you believe it.....cooler than Tracy Marrow's iced tea.

20 October 2011

I love the smell of Goretex in the morning.

I like getting parcels from across the pond, especially when it's the fruits of yet another insomniac punt on their version of eBay. If I want something enough I'll outbid anyone and everyone to get it, or at least try, that happened here and I probably paid a bit more than I'd have liked to as a result, but I'm quite happy with this lot.
I'm aware of the fact that this is about the fifteenth orange parka I've had and it is going a bit too far, but why change a winner? especially when it's a nice example of some early Goretex in as good shape as it was new. This Banana Equipment one is a kind of tomato soup complexion and has one of those bellend shaped grown-on hoods, but once on it looks coolio. I love the peeled banana press studs and the tag of this one, 'Products with A Peal'. Nice simple jacket with pockets where you want 'em and the perfect layer for the abysmal current weather.

Next up from the same chap some Tropical Combat 'Nam trousers, something I've been after for a while, these are totally mint and unworn and dating from 1967 too in a cotton poplin ripstop, they have a nice action on the waist for getting to fit too. I can't wait to play army in them. If I had the money and the space I'd buy loads more of this stuff.

17 October 2011


As I've probably said before, I love shit like this. I wonder if it's still there right now? in the dark, I hope so. Little People.

14 October 2011

Good Morning Campers.

How smooth are this lot? these guys bypassed school and just climbed instead, they were too cool for it. Italian mountaineer and outdoor pioneer Ricardo Cassin and his crew at Cassin Ridge, Alaska in 1961. AAC Cassin.

8 October 2011

Proper # 11

Finally, the next installment of Proper Magazine is out, an honest look at good clobber, music, food and lots of other stuff by folk who just enjoy it without all the fannying around you get nowadays, look for it amongst the other stuff on the shelves, a proper magazine.