26 July 2011

The Rig Out IV.

A look at the latest installment of GK and co's The Rig Out, this issue takes in the sights of Milan, New York, London, Nairobi, and Morocco, with nice shots of clobber from Stone Island, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Clarks Originals, and Engineered Garments. With a cover designed by John Squire too.

23 July 2011

Getting Shirty.

I'll be going out tomorrow in a shirt I designed myself, that's a pretty cool thing to say eh?
I'm chuffed to say these new premium shirts from the Connoisseur brand are available to buy now, three styles, The Dexys - a classic gingham button check, The Seaton - a nice woven check and the Union - a chambray shirt with loads of fine details. I over saw every aspect on these maintaining they were made the right way from an original sketch on a notepad to how we marketed them with the three cool cats (above) getting their poses just right.
Manufactured in Europe, each shirt is fairly limited, there's lots of influence from a personal archive of shirts I own both old and new from all over the globe gone into these. The fit is pretty contemporary, they are a really nice flattering fit and quality has not been compromised, premium is not just a buzz word for trying to sell them, they are really good schmutter, I'm proud of what we've done, here's to the next step.

21 July 2011


I know I've only got one bonce, but there's always room for a new titfer. I got this Tantum 'Endless War' hat yesterday, something that caught my eye a couple of months ago so I snapped one up from End. Made in LA and cool enough to attract the local wildlife.

18 July 2011


This morning I took delivery of the Vice 10th annual 2011 photo issue, featuring 39 different photographers contributing their own photo essay. They said the cover was scratch and sniff and I thought they were taking the piss, they weren't. Those different coloured back-sides walking up a mountain all pong of various things, from banana to coffee, cherry to marijuana. Viceland.

17 July 2011

Crazy street art.

I love shit like this, giant optical illusions by German artist Edgar Mueller.

13 July 2011


Is it just me, or are there loads of dead good gifs on the net these days?

11 July 2011

Recent Pick-ups

Woolrich Woolen Mills' Trail Parka in gold, the parka of the season they all said? maybe so at 60% off, perfect for the current weather and it'll work later in the year too.

Post O'Alls Sweetbear jacket, like a really posh pyjama top, with pockets right where you want them, smart.

Lofgren Railroad shirt in Salt and Pepper with mint details and selvedge, a cool label via the East.
Levis 505's, I needed some jeans which looked like they'd been worn for yonks, maybe it's an indigo backlash? maybe I just fancied some 'Dad' jeans.

A nice Floral/Paisley shirt from Ralph L.

The EG mountain parka from around 2009, I've got this in powder blue, one of my faves, so couldn't resist snapping it up in beige when it saw it going very reasonably.

Some more shades from Sunpocket for the summer and a handy Supreme stash pouch I might dangle off my belt loop and wiggle from time to time.

Garbstore Men Who Did sweat, featuring probably the only tory it's OK to like. Sales eh?

7 July 2011

Operation Sepals - the CIA in Norbotten.

Five years ago, Norwegian Roger Albrigtsen found a bag full of photographs from the war that his Grandfather had stashed. With photographs and some old notes in hand Roger began to unravel a virtually unknown operation which included some of the worlds greatest secret spy organizations.
From 1943-1944 a tale of of top-secret espionage in the snow, along the Swedish-Norwegian border.
Found via my friends at Our Culture. Lars Gyllenhaal.