30 July 2012

The Acid Rambler.

Here's a magazine after my own heart, The Acid Rambler which landed on the mat on Saturday, the gist of which encapsulates the essence of outdoor culture with nice illustrations, write ups and profiles, via The Church of London.

24 July 2012

Shine on.

The Shining, written by Stephen King (1977) , directed by Stanley Kubrick (1980) .

19 July 2012


I'll be having a gander at this in a minute when I hit the sack. Dressers, as mentioned before is the new long awaited book release from Motherwell, based around their Saturday Service crew and today it dropped through the door. Despite being a smaller club north of the border they are one, along with Aberdeen who really set this thing off in the earlier days. Pioneers if you like, for the smaller clubs we in England can easily relate to, that was always a good thing.
The book also features a wider look at the whole culture in general from trips abroad to the club scene and of course a concise look at all the labels past and present. Motherwell's mob were represented on the net in the earlier (pre blogging and social network) days, as was the original inception of this site over ten years ago.
Certainly it's fair to say a good chunk of what I saw via their old photo archive inspired me along the way, as much as I love a selection of the older sporty, heritage and continental labels I always thought the later dressed down 'anti-suss' period of crewneck jumpers, paisley shirts, cords, shoes and trainers was timelessly cool, it really struck a chord and there's always going to be bits of that in me, probably forever. Motherwell's very own Kerso has managed to capture a perfect time capsule by pretty much keeping hold of everything relevant from his wardrobe, from his massive original trainer archive to all his clobber - which he was kind enough to share with me (and the rest of the world) back in the day, via my original site. At the time this was a joy to behold, incredible, many looked on in awe and do you know what? It's still as impressive as it was back then. This'll take pride of place amongst the others on the shelf, keep the faith!

15 July 2012

Casketeers, Sheffield.

Eat, drink and be merry, a little too merry. A short hop over the mountains to the Steel city.