17 August 2013

WWII into Present Day.

Both as impressive as it is chilling, great imagery merging previous WW2 photographs with the modern day.  Through collaboratiion with the the State Museum of History of St. Petersburg and the Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive, in Krasnogorsk; artist Sergey Larenkov then travelled to various battle scenes from World War II, snapping a picture in present day for his blended collages. Sergey has travelled to Paris, Berlin, Prague and around Russia, revisiting historic war sites. By snapping these locations from a similar angle as the original war photographs, we get a chilling glimpse into a very different and scary time.

9 August 2013


It's a pleasure to have been a part of these, the Veras x Connoisseur 'El Mono' boot. Made with the Veras main man Neil Morris, a good guy with a wealth of experience in this industry, ex Drooghi (Cardiff) and Rather Not Say, this meeting of minds sees South Wales meet the North West and the Mediterranean meet the mountains.
This suede nine hole, lightweight boot comes in two colours, Marino and Whiskey or Navy and Beige to you and I, with spare coloured laces too. We say the perfect piece of footwear for this time of the year as the weather starts to turn. 
The 'El Mono' is fresh take on the classic Monkey boot, think skinheads, hard mods, Action Man and trendy hikers. A good alternative to the more rugged, substantial hiking boots. 
Available Mon 19 August from Connoisseur