30 January 2012


Around the end of last year I nabbed this from everyone's fave auction site, having had half a dozen colours of this coat it's one I never tire of, but I've been after one in this colour for bloody ages. Barbour's timeless Beaufort in Grass green, 'a thing of beauty', 'nice piece' etcetera...

27 January 2012

Wasabi Wallabees.

Only January and these are quite frankly the shoes of the year, especially the Wasabi colour. Top stuff, what us Clark aficionados have been waiting for.

25 January 2012


I think this is quite old but I like it, the idea behind the project was to create minimalist re-designs of well-known international brand packages. Simple is always better. Via Antrepo.

23 January 2012


Just got a nice little package in the post from my new best pal and future collaborator Iain Trickett, this is an upcoming British label based in the red rose county with an obsession for sporting heritage in particular.This included the classic blue shrink-to-fit tee, gum that smells like my childhood, a very nifty pencil, collectors cards, Lancashire crips and some dead nice hot fudge. Trickett.

19 January 2012


Pink jacket? a pink jacket? ponce! Pink. You sure?
Folk's signature Rainmac in pale red with midnight pockets, not for everyone but I think it's fucking great.

18 January 2012


16 January 2012

Clarks Originals S/S 12.

Well it's that time of year again folks, with Christmas just gone, we're all feeling dead fat, we've got a wardrobe full of recently acquired sales fodder we're never going to wear...Jack Frost's trying to work his magic outside...but before you know it all the Spring Summer stock is hitting the shelves!
What better time for a bit of blog lovin' and some sneaky peeks into a few of my favourite brands. I could go on and on about Clarks being a classic, an institution, clean lines, crepe soles, wearing them since before they were even invented, blah, blah, blah, everyone else does that, it's boring. Clarks are cool, they saved my life once (true story) so I'm always going to stick with something tried and tested. Notable new releases see the return of the Skiffler, I used to have a pair of Elvis ones (blue suede) many moons ago, the Wallabee in newer guises such as Race and Run and of course the Oi Polloi ones, mega. Classics such as the D Trek, Desert boot in a million styles, some rather fruity, Jink and Natalie and newer releases like the Desert Drift, Preston Desert and Desert Drille which looks like the outcome of a night of passion between a Weaver and a Desert boot. I've even left some of the ladies styles in there for all my female fans out there x.

12 January 2012


Just found some superb not often seen production/continuity shots of Bernard Hill as Yosser Hughes from the great television drama series Boys From The Blackstuff, 1982.

7 January 2012

Recent (Festive) Pickups.

Taschen's Complete Kubrick book a bargain from Fopp, superb pics in this, what a dude, I've just nabbed a proper snorkel parka from the States to look just like him. You'll see it soon.

James Bond Nato strap for my old Sea King.

This nifty Polaroid thing for printing off phone pics with added sticker excitement.

A specially painted up Peloton Tour De France man and a Cat's Paw heel keyring via my mucker Rich at the Urban Hunter.

Ferrero Rocher, standard Christmas fodder in this house, 'Eccelente'!
I love these, the ultimate pub snack with a pint, yet they never seem to be available anymore. Don't eat more than one packet though or you'll be feeling sickly.

I got these from Marks and Sparks half price, a nifty card set, diary and notebook using the great photography of unsung hero Terry O'Neill. I love the still of Michael Caine and Bob Hoskins from Mona Lisa, great film, sleazy as fuck.

I can't help but collect odd badges, I've always wanted a Blue Peter badge, used to hate it when I was a kid mind, Grange Hill one day, Byker Grove the other, go and play out when Blue Peter was on though as standard. Check out the vintage Ban the Bomb badges from the CND, aceness.

Lois Jumbo cords, they're a bit like jeggins when you first put them on but still look ok, always time for some corduroy.

Wanted some Diemmes in the sale but they sold out so I got some posh DM's instead. Fruity.

NB 577, first pair of trainers I've bought in absolute yonks, they were surprisingly half price too, love a pair of NB.
Tuk Tuk printed shirt, I like a bit of a psychedelic/grandma's curtains on my shirts, just a hint under a jumper or peeking behind a collar never on it's own though, don't want to look like some c*nt off Top Gear.

Bargain of the month for me was this Silas 'Lord B' jacket, it was less than twenty five quid, well it was actually double that as it was from Japan, but that's what it went for. Like a sensible toned down street wear Beaufort.

The Connoisseur stealth Weir hat, had to nab one of these for myself after we had them specially made for the SAS.