29 May 2012

Terry O'Neill.

Any excuse to get Raquel Welch in her knickers is a good one, the proper old school photographer behind some of the most iconic pictures you'll have seen before, Terry O'Neill. Snapping some of the coolest people on the planet especially during a golden era of film and music. Currently on exhibition in London.

22 May 2012

R Newbold.

Another recent coat I got hold of ('cos I really needed another wax jacket) was this R Newbold one from around six years ago. As I type it's fucking boiling, summer is a bummer and all that kerfuffle, it wasn't the last few weeks I've been wearing this though. As good as brand new, loads of little details, really nice quality.
If I remember rightly this Oi Polloi collab collection consisted of taking some of the cooler bits R Newbold normally sold exclusively in Japan and bringing them back for the UK market in more friendly sizes. There was some great bits, proper gents tackle, like cardigans, cords and checked shirts.

16 May 2012

Specs appeal.

Some lovely ladies all with one thing in common, the Moscot specs. Via Terry Richardson's Diary.

14 May 2012

Mug shots.

Some amazing images of dapper gents from a bygone era. Whilst these guys all look equally well attired they are actually all mugshots of convicted criminals from Down Under. Pics via the New South Wales Police Department circa 1910-1930's. Copyright NSW Forensic Photography Archive, Justice and Police Museum.

10 May 2012


One jacket I've always admired and kept an eye on is the Stutterheim Arholma raincoat. It was our sister (brother actually) site who were the first in the UK to blog about it a couple of years ago, according to main man over in Stockholm, Mr Stutterheim himself. No daft internet dibs, just fact.
This is a superb jacket, simple, classic I'd say elegant too, but I wouldn't speak like that in real life; this is to me, by far the coolest version of the old school rubber raincoat. Made in one of Stockholm's last remaining factories of it's kind, it's craftsmanship at it's finest, each one comes boxed and hand signed by the seamstress.
Add a great sentimental story to the reasoning behind it and you're onto a winner for me. Knowing what weather we get around here it'll get plenty of use, we've just had like, four months rain in four days or something equally ridiculous. I love the shape, the length and the striking colour - 'Vit', a dusty white with concrete grey lining. One which will get better with wear and age too. I gave mine it's first outing on a slightly Scandinavian stroll to the shops, teamed with some Jacoforms. Check 'em out. Stutterheim.