30 August 2011

EG Bike jacket.

About time I finished a load of these draft posts I started doing a bit ago really. I got hold of this a few months back in readiness for the shitty weather ahead, it's something that caught my eye this time last year when NYC's finest Engineered Garments launched their wintery schmutter on us. Teamed with matching tweed pantaloons and a bag and top hat, it was a bit too Dickensian looking even for me. But taking the jacket out on it's own it's a class piece as they say. I never thought I'd own it as it was dead expensive, seen how much it is on Yoox now? Crivens.
I've always searched for the perfect tweed jacket - a mix of classic and modern and something hooded. Not sure if it's just that, but it's pretty damn close, herringbone, elbow patches, throat tab, ace hand warmer cuffs, arse pocket, detachable hood. Looking forward to nipping to shops on old Eddy in this bastard.

25 August 2011

Heritage Research A/W 11.

A further look at some of Heritage Research's A/W collection. Some lovely items for what I'll always say is the best time of the year. The good folk at Heritage Research have come up trumps with this collection, a great variety of reworked classic garments with Ivy League, Aviation and the US Civil War playing a big part. The Nantucket and Railroad jackets are a personal fave, the staple Longline parka is looking good again too. Cooler than Bill Murray bowling.

23 August 2011

The Guard.

Saturday gone I watched the Guard. I love going to the pictures, but I'm a bit of a fussbag when I do go, it has to be said. I don't get in like dead early, but early enough to catch the 'coming soons' and get a good seat - which at this place is the small back row consisting of just four. So it does get on my tits when despite an ocean of seats around me someone comes in and plonks themselves in the seat directly next to me, not leaving that one in between us empty, but next to me. Knowing it'll be dark in a minute or two it makes me feel ever so uneasy, so off to the row in front I go.
Also, why do folk laugh at adverts really over enthusiastically? adverts you and I see on the normal telly every night. Adverts that are not funny. Anyway rant over, if I was to mention the old biddies who came in five minutes into the film and treated it like a cafe rather than a cinema you'd probably think I was a right miserable old cunt. So I won't. So, yeah, I watched the Guard on Saturday, enjoyed it.
The Irish do independent cinema pretty well, by that I don't mean the Commitments, I mean stuff like Intermission (2003), I went Down (1997), The Butcher Boy (1997) and The Van (1996) . The Guard stars Brendan Gleeson the Emerald Isle's answer to Bobby De Niro as the small town old fashioned police Sergeant Gerry Boyle, an oafish supposedly dumb copper with a penchant for booze, confiscated drugs and the odd whore on his day off, a character who's been likened to the Big Lebowski's Dude because of his carefree/careless attitude and as anti-hero as Cage's Bad Lieutenant.
The influx of a huge drugs smuggle fronted by the Irish Jimmy Corkhill (Liam Cunnigham) through the normally quiet town of Connemara sees the arrival of the FBI spearheaded by Don Cheadle who's take-no-shit Agent Wendell Everett clashes with Boyle and his perhaps rather ridiculous old fashioned attitude from the off, but as the coke deal cracks on the two opposites form an unlikely partnership in order to combat it leading to an eventual action packed climax. Hilarious in parts and filled with great one liners, part Father Ted, part Lethal Weapon the film jumps across genres and cleverly leads up to and then quickly away from the predictable usual cop drama, perhaps Boyle isn't as dumb as he first appears.

19 August 2011

Max Cady.

Cape Fear (1991) 'I don't know whether to look at him or read him...'.

16 August 2011

First Look - Pica Post # 2

I was quite content with what I've got at the moment, happy with my lot. Just a new pair of cords and a jumper would probably suffice this year. Then Oi Polloi come along with the second installment of their fancy little Pica Post #2 showcasing loads of lovely forthcoming stock to hit the Thomas St store. As always, for me and I'd imagine many others, Autumn/Winter is the best time of year for clobber, it's all parkas, heavy jumpers, cords and shoes, I love it.
There's plenty to start obsessing about - from another collaboration with Norse Projects to the hotly anticipated in house brand Cottonopolis, which from the early hints I've seen of this it looks good. Once again, this features some super illustrations from Ben Lamb, a review of a buying trip to Japan and an in depth guide to shrinking denim via the Irish sea.

13 August 2011

Serpico's hat.

I've mentioned before how cool I think Al Pacino's portrayal of Frank Serpico is, the trendiest hippy copper ever. One thing that grabbed me was one of his many hats, the white bucket hat being my favourite. It's different to the usual type, narrow, longer, something good to hide under and something you should only really wear with a beard. Whilst searching for one I gathered this is probably just a sailor's cup hat turned down on itself. I finally found someone who made these by hand over in the US, a little more advanced than the sailor hat, customised for a better fit. I already love it.

10 August 2011


I like these, Keds Booster by Mark McNairy. Like what Ray Brower might have worn if he'd ever made it to college. Smart.

7 August 2011

Casketeers, Liverpool.

A pale ale pilgrimage in the 2008 Capital of Culture, Liverpool. Friendly locals, lovely ladies, great old school boozers, nice pies too.