30 August 2011

EG Bike jacket.

About time I finished a load of these draft posts I started doing a bit ago really. I got hold of this a few months back in readiness for the shitty weather ahead, it's something that caught my eye this time last year when NYC's finest Engineered Garments launched their wintery schmutter on us. Teamed with matching tweed pantaloons and a bag and top hat, it was a bit too Dickensian looking even for me. But taking the jacket out on it's own it's a class piece as they say. I never thought I'd own it as it was dead expensive, seen how much it is on Yoox now? Crivens.
I've always searched for the perfect tweed jacket - a mix of classic and modern and something hooded. Not sure if it's just that, but it's pretty damn close, herringbone, elbow patches, throat tab, ace hand warmer cuffs, arse pocket, detachable hood. Looking forward to nipping to shops on old Eddy in this bastard.

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