29 October 2012

Kubrick vs Scorsese.

Absolutely superb. Via Leandro Copperfield 

26 October 2012

Norrøna Sport.

Dead hard to find vintage Norrøna jackets are like buses etc, etc...

23 October 2012


Old's cool, vintage style runners are very popular right now, one point of difference perhaps, are Diadora. The return of a legend; for A/W the Italian footwear brand has launched a new range of classic, iconic silhouettes such as Tokyo, B.Original and Cross 70 (pictured above) in Blue, White and Navy.
Available now, exclusively at Size?

21 October 2012

Peaks parka.

Now then, so I designed and had my own parka manufactured! Going just a few years back, I never thought I'd be typing those words out but that's how it's gone. I'm rather proud of this one, with over twelve months in the making, they had pretty much sold out in less than twelve minutes! Crazy!

The 'Peaks' parka, if anything - justified all the old jackets I've bought over the last decade. Using that and a self obsessed 'knowledge' of old school outerwear, I wanted to do something with a direct influence to one or two of the original pioneers from US mountain states, but with a slightly more modern spin on it.

So we used a more weatherproof fabric as oppose to a cotton shell; using a fully waterproof Oxford Nylon and a 65/35 poly-cotton. Adding more considered pocket details such as one for the modern iPhone/smart phone and one for cards 'n cash, finished off with bellows featuring the all important side entry hand warmers, which many parkas I've bought have often forgotten to add!

Utility too was key, if anything based on my own personal experience of always forgetting where stuff is when on my travels, hence the specific pockets. The classic '70's green' I had always craved, yet seldom seen in modern times, turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

With just 50 of two colours produced it will be one you won't see many people in, all part of how we do things at present. It was a genuine thrill to send these out to lads in places like Manchester, Berlin and Stockholm and as far as California, Toronto, Bogota and Melbourne!

The name combines our love of both outdoor clothing and popular culture. Coincidentally the name of a Colorado golf course in a place called Boulder, to whom we owe a nod and a wink. The illustrations are from our cohort Peter O'Toole who probably thought I was fucking mental asking him to draw Jack Nance in one but hey ho it's all part of the product, finished off with our little touches. The feedback coming in is all super positive which of course makes it all worthwhile. So yeah a result! Now onto the next...

18 October 2012


Perhaps? I recently copped for this vintage sailing jacket, real preps at sea vibes.
Dating from the 70's it's pretty cool, reversible too. One side is like a hooded coaches jacket in cream, the reverse a bright orange anorak with scoop button-down collar, throat tab, two bellow pockets and a sideways pocket I've seen used a few times with newer labels such as Woolrich Woolen Mills. I had assumed this was for mobile phones, but obviously not. Perhaps it was for sunglasses? or maybe flares/hotdogs? I love the wooden toggles too.
Sadly, as it's a two way coat, the only label is in the pocket and someone has torn it out to within about half an inch, so I can't quite make out who made this, whilst it's not important I'd love to know. Interestingly enough, I noticed it's exactly the same jacket as the Mighty-Mac one pictured above. A nautical label which became kaput by the 1980's but has since been resurrected via Japan, I'd be surprised if this isn't an original.

15 October 2012

Mission Workshop.

The Sanction from Mission Workshop based over in sunny San Francisco, is a compact weatherproof rucksack designed to hold the daily essentials. Built to last a lifetime with waterproof fabrics and military spec. construction, top premium quality. Basically, it's the Terminator of all baggage!
Featuring weatherproof compartments, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and secure spaces for all of todays gadgets like the MacBook, iPad etc, not to mention enough space for those (two or three) outfits you want to cram in for your next weekend away.
Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, it feels bulletproof and looks class. I especially like the clever and ever so slight headf*ck of a logo too, great stuff. 
Certainly one to keep an eye on, with a range of serious Arkiv® field bags and some nice ultra technical clothing. Mission Workshop.

11 October 2012

Pica~Post #4

Just got a Pica in the post, the fourth installment of the Oi Polloi mag, featuring loads of this seasons nice clobber to obsess/cry about. Some great illustrations too - surely anything that prints Lemmy in a Nanamica jacket is worth a look, not to mention the hero/legend that is Frank Zappa making an appearance too.

8 October 2012

Tube tricks.

Some fantastic subtle sabotage going on down the London Underground, absolutely genius idea, bravo!