27 December 2011

Hands off glocks, on smocks.

Lessons in cool from the Norwegian Resistance in Anthony Mann's 1965 classic Heroes of Telemark, with Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris if this isn't on telly at some point over Christmas then I'll be damned. I'd wear all this shit, the smocks, the gloves, the polo necks, jumpers and goggles. But not the Schutzstaffel get-up.

24 December 2011

22 December 2011


Now I make no apologies for being a film geek, that I am. Over several years I've amassed a decent film collection between myself and my bro, I'm not about to get rid of them all again for the sake of Blu Ray as I did years ago when VHS was sent into the history books/charity shops, I look at my DVDs like people do with vinyl, it's a collection and one it's taken years to build up, most of my films are imports not bog standard three-ninety-nine jobbies from Tesco, though there are a few bargains in there too of course.
Part of this collection - which sits proudly on the top shelf, are the ones on the Criterion label, if you didn't know these are some of the best films you can get, some of the greatest classics, rare indie films and unseen gems are on this label, everything from the film transfer, loads of extras all down to the way it's packaged comes very considered each with their own serial number too.
There's loads more on there I'd like to get and loads still to be released I'm sure, yeah, it's nerdy but I started taking pics, so that's that. Come round, bring some popcorn...