28 June 2012

30 years of Stone Island.

Jacket 'porn' etc, etc. The good, the great and the ever slightly ugly, happy birthday Stone Island.
*Pics shamelessly nabbed off the internet.

25 June 2012

Moonrise Kingdom.

Whilst it's the done thing for a thousand tumblr twats to pounce all over this, how many watched it at the pictures? how many own all his films on Criterion? I did a couple of weeks back, and I do.
I like Wes Anderson, he's cool, he wore Wallabees with a suit at Cannes. This continues the trend, slick, stylish, an astounding attention to detail, inspiring and charming as ever, that's right charming. Camping, scouts, New England, Bob Balaban's Bean boots and Bill Murray! What's not to like?


Here's another one of them sketches I did which then became something real - something you can wear. Desmond Trekker, the coolest pin badge in the world, ever! Out later via Connoisseur.

22 June 2012

Engineered Garments Cruiser.

Utilitarian is this week's buzz word kids and EG do this best. Another jacket I seldom need (though it is rather nice) and another sale acquisition at half the RRP, the Cruiser jacket in beige cotton poplin. More pockets than a motherfucker as you can see, smart.

20 June 2012

Mountain Men.

Too cool for school these. Camping revolutionaries Marx, Mao, Lenin and Thoreau by Mountain Research, via The Garbstore.

18 June 2012

Post O'alls.

Taking full advantage of the sales I recently nabbed this Post O'alls hooded lined Engineers jacket to give it it's proper name. Great colour in the limited slate blue, pockets galore, classic smart worky style, yet the addition of the removable hood gives it a good variation. Like a posh railroader parka.