29 June 2011

Born to Kill.

25 June 2011


Summer is a bummer, unless I'm paddling through the sea in sunnier climes or clocking peaches on the beaches I'm not overly arsed with it, if it's not wasps in my pint, I'm sneezing like a cartoon cat. I like a nice wasted afternoon/evening in the beer garden as much as anybody though. I also like a nice simple function in my wares and this summer you could do a lot worse than going commando in some nice, cool mesh shoes.

Generic Surplus, borstal mesh, from LA's back to basic sneaker brand - perfect for kicking in the goolies.

Vera, 'meshpadrilles', perfect for a Spanish stroll/walk down Newport Beach.

Gordini, the Grandaddy of mesh shoes, quite literally, like something out of a Sunday supplement, yet cool as fuckery with a pair of cords and a walking stick, just kidding.

22 June 2011

Laith McGregor.

This is genius, even at school I insisted on a fineline pen, I hated writing with a Biro, even now I'd rather not, I find them dead messy, the idea of drawing such fine art with one seems pretty insane. But these great works of art by Australian artist Laith McGregor are all done in simple Bic biro on paper, and often with an odd beardy man theme. I think it's great.
”I like the idea that biros are such a commodity,” the artist says. “Everyone uses them on a daily basis, but not too many people draw with them”.

Laith McGregor. Sullivan + Strumpf More of the same.

19 June 2011


Maybe it's because I've just watched a load of 'Nam films recently but I love shit like this at the moment. Whilst the heritage and workwear thing can occasionally take a beating by those in the industry, people like myself just like it if it's cool and want to wear it. Military inspired stuff is certainly seeping through right now and I'm sure there's a lot more to come next season.
The authentic and original here though, a selection of standard issue utility uniform and a few captured NVA items too - like the bush hat, belt, canteen and rucksack. Named to and worn by a one 'J.E. Latino' of G Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines. USMC circa 1964-66.
Pics shamelessly nabbed from sgt.hulka, similar vibes here: M-sixty Fivers.

16 June 2011

Book of the day.

This dead old Penguin book by Stephen Potter taught me everything I know today, it didn't really. But it's pretty cool innit? 'Being some Account of the Activities and Teaching of the Lifesmanship Correspondence college of One-Upness and Gameslifemastery' seems to be the gist of it, cool illustrations too. Thanks to Mark from Proper for the find.

14 June 2011

London Called.

Some pics from an eventful weekend down in the capital, a place I'll never tire of visiting. My calves are aching like fuckery and my bladder's taken a bit of a hiding, but it's all good fun. Met some good pals, took in plenty of sights, smells and sounds - including the Tate modern as you can see. Don't think you're allowed a camera in there but everyone else was papping away. Culture vulture, me.