20 September 2010

Bikin' it.

A pal of mine has just completed the rather gruelling task of cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End, that's going to make me feel more than a bit pathetic the next time I moan about my aching legs after going up that little hill on the way to the Post Office. This mammoth endurance task is all for a good cause too, organised by James Bowthorpe who's soon to be seen strutting his stuff in the forthcoming Oi Polloi/Rig Out magazine. Check out more details on their facebook page.


  1. Good one. You need a solidly built, steel framed and pref British audax bike to do this in comfort - my preference is for a Thorn [http://www.thorncycles.co.uk]. As you already know, a well broken in Brooks saddle is all but mandatory, their leather bar tape optional, and good ol' Spa Cycles in Harrogate are worth a browse for all tyhe old school touring gear you need. Just the greying beard to finish off then.......

  2. nice

    Getting more and more bikey in recent years...the whole single speed/fixie/track thing is a big boostfor cycling's popularity here in the 'smoke'
    You should give it a try
    once you go track you'll never want to go back