14 September 2010

Creo Ergo Sum.

As much as I like yapping about jackets and shoes most days, time for a bit of culture this evening, situated in Manchester's Craft Design centre in the Northern Quarter is the Creo Ergo Sum studio the name is derived from Descartes' philosophy 'Cogito ergo sum' - 'I think, therefore I am' replacing think with create. This is the design house of Sam Plant Dempsey, a graduate in design and engineering. Specialising in Upcycled materials taking every day discarded items and turning them into a great functional pieces of art, and cool items for your home such as coat hangers, lamps, lampshades stools and bike stands made from old parts of racing bikes. I especially like the Flow lampshade a simple yet striking dripping shade cast in polyurethane. Check it out.

1 comment:

  1. awesome bit of track bikery in those pics