17 September 2010

Captain Mancunia.

Manchester's Northern Quarter is currently undergoing a bit of a Hollywood transformation, the Back Piccadilly area is being turned into a re-creation of 1940's New York for the forthcoming Marvel production of Captain America: The first Avenger, with Samuel L Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Evans as the superhero, not the ginger one. Manchester is to double up as the Big Apple due to it's rather dapper large pre-war buildings. Whilst I'm not the greatest fan of big budget fodder like this, it's always interesting to see a film set in pre production, especially with a Hollywood studio budget, no detail will be spared for what I'm told will be just a small car chase scene, there's old signage and mock shop fronts against the original buildings and the local council were installing different lamposts too. I passed through earlier and took some snaps...

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  1. Seen this a couple of times over the last week or so. Very interesting watching the transformation of the area into Brooklyn.Grainy black abd white shots and steam from the grids and who would know. Can't imagine the cost though, they've come mob handed with construction workers , security etc. Even watched the local council removing yellow lines from the streets.