2 August 2010

Top Tens.

I recently did a piece for Sabotage Times, it was basically picking my favourite buys ever, it might be fair to say I couldn't possibly pick all time favourites, as I'd be here all day, and then some, and there's plenty of great stuff I've since moved on, from the regrettable to the understandable.
So, it was more an instinct reaction, quick thinking and all that, a good 'top ten' featuring the hard to find, the classics, the old reliable and the more expensive, and of course the bargains - a good mix.
Being an awkward bastard I had to make it fifteen, which is typically me. So, here's some of the ones that nearly made it...
The Barbour Dryfly ultralight, an unlikely collab mixing street and country with Boxfresh, designed by Paul Insect, this was one of those I had to have as soon as I saw it, only 175 produced these are real sought after jackets now. I sold one of my favourite and collectible coats and snapped up this and a Norrona Arktis, I've sold the Arktis and only worn this three times. It's a great looking coat though.
The 6876 Capandula, from 2005 the first of several of these trademark coats from 6876, and the best one, fisherman style jacket in a backed canvas, in a great iconic yellow.

The CP Company Mille Miglia, based on the race of the same name, this was originally designed by Massimo Osti featuring driving goggles and a watch viewer on the sleeve. In all fairness this has become really played out over the last few years, I had a grey one from 2003 which was my most extravagant purchase, it was ace at the time and something you seldom saw, a real novelty. CP have done this pretty much every year since, which kind of killed that novelty factor off, this was probably one of the greatest ever TK Maxx finds, coming in at around £75, it remains a classic style. But only just.
The Peter Storm cagoule, this is the overhead version, which dates from the late seventies and whilst popular with ramblers, hill walkers and the like it was also the choice outerwear for some of the first wave of new romantic looking football thugs in the north of England.

Ralph Lauren and Lacoste polo shirts, this is a brightly coloured long sleeved version, for me arguably the best polos going are Ralph and his friend Rene, this may be debated these days, but these can certainly be considered all time classics, they've been released every season since they were designed with very little tinkering and have a worldwide appeal. Ideally I'd photograph a navy one, but my camera wasn't having it.
The lambswool crewneck, I love a good jumper, and whilst I have a few pullovers from several labels, I think this one needs a mention, the M&S lambswool has been a bit of a staple since the 80's, I'd buy one every year. A classic and understated item which everyone needs, over a checked shirt and under a nice coat it's the ultimate dressed up, dressed down boy next door look. Just don't team it with their gay jeans!

The man bag, I've seen people getting grief in this here internet-land for owning a bag, as if carrying a satchel or rucksack makes you some sort of poof. I personally would rather chuck all my bits in a small bag and be done with, this Dockers canvas bag was 99p and is like a large extra pocket.
The Denims, a good pair of jeans is vital, there's no excuse to wear anything shite in this day and age, all too often people will spend loads on a coat and footwear and swerve the jeans as the unimportant bit in the middle. I picked Edwins on the spur of the moment, they are nice and easy, you can't really go wrong. These are the ED-39 a red selvage dry indigo straight leg jean.
Finn Comfort Baden, a serious scientific shoe produced in Germany, like Jacoforms they are a bit of a specialist/orthopedic shoe, expertly constructed and they still look cool. They call them the finest European walking shoes on earth, and they wouldn't say that if they weren't.
The denim shirt, I've had this Faconnable shirt for years, it's old, it's rugged, it's scruffy as fuck, but it looks great with anything. Along with chambray and an oxford shirt it's something you need in your wardrobe.
Clarks Oberon, I personally waited a long time for these and I love 'em, based on the original Polyveldt, a pair I'd spent many years trying to source only to never find them in my size. They were released earlier in the year, quite a few bought them, but I'll bet nobody wanted them as badly as I did.
The wax jacket, everyone has a Barbour, if they don't they should have, the thornproof wax jackets are all time classics, worn by anyone from Her Majesty to young trendies. They are literally indestructible and will last for years, and the one item of clothing it's fine to get a bit battered, as they look better for it. This is a sylkoil wax parka.
The smart shirt, this is a button down Garbstore pinstripe shirt, with it's nautical theme it has small anchors running throughout the fabric, on those occasions I might need to smarten up, this works for me.My favourite Garbstore shirts would probably be their flight shirts, but this comes a close second.
The winter hat, I got this last year and never took it off, it's from a label called Artesania, using the cottage industry using all natural fibres, these are hand knitted in Bolivia, real old school hippy vibes.
And once again, the old ski hat, this in a vintage Izod Lacoste hat bought from the US, I had a couple of these but lost the other one in an unfortunate and unforeseen encounter in the snug of a pub. Izod was an American arm of the Lacoste brand and features the croc in blue with an ace fairisle pattern.
The hiking boot, I'm by no means a full on rambler, but don't mind the odd walk now and again, it's that perfect mountain look for me, and it's good to have a really sturdy pair of shoes for when it snows. I got these vintage LA Sportiva 'Jeff Lowe' boots for a score as I couldn't afford the Fracap's I fancied, I had to really clean them, dye them, buff them up and replace the laces, but it's all part of the fun.

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  1. Good to see the M&S crewneck in there; truly a classic every year since the 80s. Lately, however, I have found a jumper that I think trumps it - the Musto shooting crewneck (about £65) - but far better quality and washes perfectly, and in nicer earthier colours than the latest insipid pastels from M&S.

    Keep up the good work.

    Paul, http://www.flammerouge.co.uk/