3 March 2010

Clarks Oberon.

Clarks Oberon, I've been waiting for these for a long time.


  1. They're really nice in the flesh aren't they, much better than they looked online.

    Great blog by the way.

  2. Crude, garish, corrective footware...I fooking love em.

  3. Look here:-


  4. Great blog too.
    Love the posts.

    Couple of questions.
    Any chance you could ping me the link to the original ad - will put it on my office wall - it's great.

    Also, size-wise, what did you go for?

    Clarks come up big, I'm normally a 10 1/2, but a 10 in a desert boot is roomy and a 10 in a desert trek the same.

    Going to buy direct from Clarks and am torn b/w a 10 or a 10 1/2...

    Welcome your thoughts.

    My email is mattpjanes@gmail for the ad if you get a mo.

    Keep up the good work...

    Matt x

  5. I did that myself mate, that's as big as it gets I'm afraid.

    I always just buy my own size in Clarks, don't understand the size up/down nonsense, been wearing them for too long to do that. Desert Boots and Desert Rains are the only ones which I think fit big.