26 March 2010

Recent Pick-ups.

Here's a mixed bag of buys over the last month or so.

Faconnable vintage Yachting coat by Albert Goldberg. You can see more about this later whether you want to or not.

Kangol Herringbone 504 tweed cap, 'flat caps are gay/Millwall/stupid blah, blah, blah' I don't care, my head's receding and I've got more hats than Christy's hat factory, besides my Grandad was wearing flat caps before anyone south of the river, and he was cool as fuck.

Vintage untouched 80's Izod Lacoste bucket hat in pale yellow with daft over sized croc, this looks like something Clark Griswold might go fishing in, so for that reason I'm in.

I must have had about a dozen vintage Peter Storm cagoules, and I can't help reverting back to them every now and again, especially in a nice not seen very often yellow. I just like the simplicity of them when all layered up, not to mention that Keith Pratt steez.

Dickies California Selvedge, there's always time for some new denim, and these are pretty cool, you may have seen them crop up in blogland already. Made on vintage looms in Japan from the finest Zimbabwean cotton by a proper old school American heritage brand - this is a jean with a bit of quality and authenticity about it. I don't think these are even available to buy yet and I was lucky enough to bag a pair. I can't wait to break them in.
Sometimes a Lacoste polo is the most generic and obvious thing in the world, but sometimes the most generic and obvious thing in the world is exactly what you want, especially with a bit of sun threatening to pop out soon.

Uniqlo no wale cords, which is kind of a corduroy without the ridge, cord, erm 'Wale'. They were under a fiver in the sale and do a job. So I'm a 36" what of it? I like crisps. They are small fitting.

And a YMC Angling jacket, I've had one of these before in a sickly shade of blue, this is a much nicer colour and can even be turned into it's own pac-a-mac if that floats your boat.
Join me next month when I've sold and then bought loads more fascinating shit.


  1. Really you say.The most generic and obvious,but Lacoste polo never happens fashionable.

  2. I meant in the fact that it's hardly cutting edge and I've probably bought one every year for years, but proper classics never go out of style.

  3. You have said about it. The classics never go out of fashion.I often looking for things in reductions, but the classics are not reduced.