18 March 2010

Nice work if you can get it.

Sometimes you see someone and envy their job, whiIst Premiership footballers and F1 drivers earn inexplicably good money to live out their boyhood dreams, film stars earn bucket loads whilst earning their stripes, whilst one or two others get paid probably very handsomely for a session with Sasha Grey and Jada Fire (look 'em up) I personally like (amateur) photography and a photographer who seems to have a good fucking time is Terry Richardson - fashion photographer from the lower East Side, NYC.
Travelling the world, snapping topless models and working for trendy 'out there' labels seems like a good way to make a living to me. This bloke seems pretty cool, albeit perhaps a little (nay a lot) kinky though, no seriously he is, the book Terryworld will show you all you need to know, and then some. He comes across as the geeky kid from school who got pretty damn lucky.
With his balding hairline, tinted specs, pork chop sidies and handlebar moustache, part geek, part rebel skater punk with a torso of tatts, teamed with the effortless trademark uniform of a white tee and flannel shirt and battered sneakers. He's rock and roll in the sense that he's been there - an ex junkie, member of a punk band and one time 'step son' to Hollywood star Angelica Huston.
Snapped it and most probably shagged it too - not only photographing some of the world's most beautiful women, most likely in the buff, he also appears to have had his merry way with a fair few of them aswell.
The antidote to glossy, glitzy fashion photography, raw, graphic, and groundbreaking, great shots without the expensive equipment. His portrait work is simple, basic and at times autobiographical. Shots of stars against a plain backdrop with little or no tinkering, as it should be, on cameras such as the Yashica T4 point and shoot, and even cheap disposable cameras. To glamorous shoots of beautiful women in stunning locations such as the current Pirelli calendar.
With a mixed bag of clients such as indie labels and magazines from Vice, Supreme, Stussy, to the likes of Penthouse, GQ, Vogue and Sports Illustrated.
Most photographers tend to stay behind the camera, but Terry Richardson kind of breaks that mould, perhaps a tad self serving at times. Sticking his face in and seemingly getting pictured with who he himself is photographing like a super fan trying to take it all in, a personal memento? or pure self indulgent, who knows? I reckon it would be hard not do the same too, if I was surrounded by cool people, the naked flesh of supermodels and hip hop honeys, and then the President of the United States, Obama himself. I just don't want to see his or anyone else's willy though.

Terry Richardson, Terry's Diary.


  1. Nice work if you can get it! I think the reason he's so successful at what he does is his disarming nature. I reckon he's be a good laugh after a couple of beers down the pub.


  2. Maybe not the hero we think he is...






    Great blog though...

  3. A friend of mine recently lent me his Grandfather's Nikon camera from 1973. The more I learn about Terry Richardson the more inspired I become.

    His work inspires me to say the very least.

    Great post.