28 March 2010

Faconnable by Albert Goldberg.

As mentioned down there, I recently got hold of this yachting coat by Faconnable, I'm not too sure when this was first released but I'd say the late 80's early 90's would sound about right. Designed by Albert Goldberg who ran the label from 1961 - 2000 and who's father Jean founded the brand via his Nice tailoring store in 1950, that's Nice as in the Gallic city as opposed to just being a nice little tailors. I've got the same one in slightly different colours and it's a nice piece (sincere apologies for just calling a jacket a piece) you won't see another, I've only ever seen that one three times and I had all three of them.
Whilst it's pretty fruity and sure to turn off as many people as it might turn on, I think this is an ace coat, with a technicolour appearance Joseph himself would probably think is amazing, a good over sized hood, and simple branding, and the one time the orange and red, carrots and ketchup combo actually work together, it's the perfect coat for summer. And I'm one of those peculiar people who'll still wear a coat when it's absolutely sweltering. Perfect for beer gardens, seaside strolls, and canal walks but perhaps not on Canal Street.


  1. I might sell mine if someone makes me a daft offer...

  2. About 5 years ago I purchased a shirt at Nordstroms. It was made up of many 2"square pieces and completely lined in denim blue. The threads in one of squares are separating. Is there any way to get one square replaced. Or, what do you suggest.