24 June 2013


Only a couple of weeks ago I was lay in bed watching The Thing, John Carpenter's 1982 version of The Thing from Another World, a modern classic and another one which was recently unnecessarily remade (prequel) again, which Hollywood seems to do every other week now. A great film regardless, it's both atmospheric and chilling, quite literally, this was also a forerunner for state of the art special effects. But then there's the style of it, the gear, the looks, the unintentional coolness it created - it's like The Doors do Alaska, and that, I'm sure you agree is a fucking good look.
With Kurt Russell as MacReady, the main man in a research team at an Antarctic outpost, there's some seriously cool looks on show, big parkas, down jackets, leather bomber jackets, aviators, goggles, thick facial hair and some ace hats, especially the curious cowboy hybrid hat Kurt Russell wears. I was wondering (like you do) why this film didn't seem to get much love in the style stakes, you never see much said about that, though it appears to be a popular choice of fancy dress outfit amongst American kids. Coincidentally, last week it was cool to see a local (UK) hip hop group Burgundy Blood making a track all about just that , not to mention a commentary on some modern day rappers' shit sense of style. Great video too.


  1. While you're on an eighties tip, there might be some bits and bobs you find interesting here: http://spitalfieldslife.com/2013/07/19/bob-mazzer-on-the-tube/ (via @matt_muir and his excellent Web Curios email...)

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