26 March 2011

He's gotta have it.

Here's an interesting article from today's Telegraph Saturday supplement. Old friend of Oneupmanship~ and fellow jacket obsessive Oliver Beer (not his real name) features, as does Albam's James Shaw, amongst others. Centred around the crazy nature of the 'fashion' obsessive this goes some way to explaining why grown men can sometimes fuss over the silliest things, and justify pending most of their earnings on an old coat, many will never understand that, but we all have our vices, be it train sets, watches or jackets with goggles in the hood.
The images should be massive so you can read them, but I've just realised it's online now anyway, so that might save you squinting like a pre-pubescent tugger. I first featured Oliver Beer on my site many moons ago and having met him a few times, he's an all round good egg, I've seen a lot of the stuff in his personal collection in the flesh, including the one he wants to be cremated in.
Oliver Beer's collection.


  1. good read, thanks for sharing.

  2. Any chance of reposting Mr. Beers Collection? Looks like the link you provided is down.

  3. Fixed it now pal, WARNING: contains flash photography and bright coloured jackets.