12 March 2011

Essential Killing.

This looks like it might be worth a watch, a Polish made film with an American being all Taliban. Vincent Gallo (Buffalo 66, Tetro) is usually good value for money, this, from Director Jerzy Skolimowski, has a terrific, simple plot. Gallo plays Mohammed, an alleged terrorist suspect, captured by the US military in Afghanistan and transported to a secret detention centre in eastern Europe in a vehicle that crashes. He escapes and tries to survive in an alien environment – snowy, mountainous woodland and freezing temperatures. Played out wordlessly and intensely. The film strays into genre territory, while maintaining extraordinary suspense that only dissipates near its end.


  1. If you ever want to be entertained google vincent Gallo and you will find his racist rants and offers to sell his "seed" to various potential buyers. Full whackjob! Nice blog...

  2. Oh he's a mentalist, but I love Buffalo 66 enough to give most of his work a go.