9 March 2011

Baby Ruth.

I got this earlier today, all the way from the US of A, it's an original promo poster from 1985, I tried to get this years ago it was a time when fussier sellers wouldn't post internationally. This is actually an advert for Baby Ruth bars from the famous old favourite The Goonies, with our old pals Chunk and Sloth, a kids film that's not a kids film, the one every one from my generation will always be fond of. The candy bar that starred in not one, but two 80's greats, Caddyshack being another, as it was mistaken for a shit in the pool, or a doody.
I know it's a little juvenile perhaps, but it's still cool as fuck. Of course, it would only be right and proper that I've actually had a few of these bars from American contacts of mine, bit like a Lion or a Picnic if you are that intrigued...


  1. Is it sad that I remember both of those scenes?

  2. I always preferred 'Oh Henry!' bars

  3. Milk Duds are a fave, I could argue our chocs are better or perhaps they just don't travel well?
    Best thing I've had via the States are a few boxes of Twinkies, a taste sensation.