8 March 2011

Little Plastic Armies.

This is an interesting story, on first glance these appear to be little plastic soldiers, the kind I used to see as a kid, like old soldiers and swords and sorcery lead figures you used to get from model shops, I'm trying but I can't remember the name now (heavy weekend), but I used to have a collection of lead figures from Galt toys in town, one always stood out, I think it was some old Dungeons and Dragons type thing, his head was only the size of a bogey but he looked a lot like Andrew Lloyd Webber, so small but with a big daft funny face, I never really played with them or collected them, I just loved the tiny attention to detail.
A friend of mine shared this link, it shows a unique collection of these little models belonging to a young Russian girl, but what makes it pretty incredible is they were all made by her late father, hand crafted from cheap standard Soviet plasticine and everyday items like string, foil and even hair, all hand painted. He had mastered his skills over the years in miniature scale and impeccable detail which is quite impressive.

Compiled from history books in their original language, the detail in his work is immense, from the breed of horse he used to the uniforms of the soldiers in exact regimental colours. Armies such as the working peasant Red Army, English and French covering each historic period, kept in it's own unique box, named and numbered, and each one had a description on their base, carefully catalogued. All these had been made from over thirty years ago and kept in great condition, despite early versions intended to be played with.

Thousands of tiny soldiers made by hand in painstaking detail, at a scale of around three centimeters. Amazing plasticine soldiers.

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  1. Just Idea - buy small refrigerated show-cases and give part of the collections in the museums