14 March 2011

Getting Shirty again.

New shirtings, or shirts to give them their proper name. Something old, something new, nowt borrowed but something blue too. Sorry I sound like Peter fucking Kay. I recently got hold of this Folk shirt, the Raglan with tape, to give it it's full name, how many chambray/oxford's does a man need? I'm not sure, but this is a lovely shirt, loads of details, a nice little collar detail not unlike a chinstrap, curved placket, button off tabs for rolling the sleeves up, and raglan style cut with zig zag stitching for a comfy fit, it's a rather splendid shirt.

A Ralph Lauren floral print shirt, which looks like thistles, so not that lavender, some of the coolest labels are doing these at the minute, peeking through under a jumper, cool as in my opinion, this too has the nice chinstrap detail and an odd mismatched workwear style placket.

Finishing up with a bit of Lou Reed from Pendleton I've been looking on and off, for years, for a proper tweed shirt, a real heavyweight herringbone tweed with colourful flashes darting through, it's so rugged it smells like times gone by/a wet dog, I love it.


  1. It's a bonny shirt that Pendleton. The horn effect buttons finish it off (eh readers?) nicely

  2. liking that Ralph.

  3. I love the folk shirt, where did you get it from?

  4. Got it in the sale from Dogfish, the same one's are out now but a pretty penny.

  5. pretty sweet treats, the RL one is pretty spesh