29 March 2011


Two recent acquisitions from over the water, a pair of 1960's US made chambray work shirts, now I'm sure I'm going a bit tapped here as I must have more than ten variations on this same shirt, but it's always nice to find a more original version and it is a classic. Both unworn since the sixties, the first one still has the store hang tag and the collar was still pinned. The second one is finished with a selvage detail running throughout on both sides, real nice quality.


  1. lovely piece, impressive new-old-stock. I don’t have the discipline to hunt these down and so I go for the bog-standard off the rack ones…which are good but lack the high you get when you score a find such as yours. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Nice, got some old Dickies chambray workshirts which are cool. Seen these brand before, for not a lot of money either. Liking the JC Penny very much.