17 August 2010

Recent Pick-ups.

More bargain hunting over the last couple of months, concentrating on footwear, I'm going to end with more shoes than a fucking WAG if I don't seek help. We'll start from the top - Finn Comfort London Havanna, I got these German shoes named after the English/Cuban capital from Ohio USA, they are pretty expensive now and harder to find. Finn Comfort Conventry, once you put a pair of the self dubbed Finest European Walking Shoes on Earth on your trotters it's understandable to want another pair, as I've just proved, Jacoform 332 in Moos Nubuck, I've got these already, but not in Moos, as said up there, once you put some of the world's other comfiest shoes on your feet, you go back again and again, Clarks Ashcott which I got via those very friendly and reliable folks up at Hanon, a top summer shoe, a bit of a hybrid, but it works for me, based on the original Clarks/Padmore design which is over 30 years old with Hanon's own touch and Northern Soul vibes, old reliable next with some Clarks Nature, the timeless geography shoe, and Clarks Oberon in slate, a bargain at thirty boff again via Hanon, Red or Dead 'Mr Briggs', who you calling a poof? to be fair a brand I'd not normally look at, but these caught my eye, and kept making me go back for another look, so I got them, like the sucker I am, they are a bit like Jacoforms, and I remember the original founder Wayne Hemingway used to endorse those on Oi Polloi's site in the earlier days, so there's a link, I know they look a bit like something your Grandmother might wear to bingo, but there's a fine line, and they're on the right side of it. Other than that I also nabbed an ace Paul Smith Super Chino t-shirt, a tee with massive bellow pockets, it's like a mille miglia in t-shirt form, staying with that I also found an old harrington jacket with a cool phone/sunglasses pocket, the tee's too big and this is a touch too small so I'm trying to move it on, but I've taken nice pics now anyway. Shirts now, I got a nice original lilac 6876 shirt for seven pounds fifty, and a couple of Garbstore's excellent flight shirts in beige and hickory stripe, which are perfect all year rounders, I love the large hidden pocket on these ones.


  1. Nice clobber as usual, can I ask you..Do you wear flight shirt as a shirt or sort of summer jacket with shirt/ polo underneath? Cheers great site, Liam.

  2. Loving the shoes. I've got a pair of Minster Oberons and my only issue is that the clarks are a bit soft underfoot. Which of those would you reckon are the most solid?

    Great blog BTW.
    - Andy