19 August 2010

Norse Projects x Oi Polloi.

I recently spotted a preview of a forthcoming collab between Oi Polloi and Norse Projects, the two have collaborated in the past but this jacket really caught my eye, having heard about it already, and being the vintage outerwear obsessive that I am, I knew straight away where the origins of this one came from. I could be wrong but it looks very like a reworking of a Belstaff parka endorsed by our old favourite Mr Bonington, and a very loyal reworking it appears to be too, with a nod and a wink to Longton's finest with the inner label and old school embroidered patch on the sleeve taking off an early logo. Suave.
Update: Mikkel from Norse Projects sent me this info:
Oi Polloi have been leaders in the return to traditional values and quality products. Steve Sanderson, owner of Oi Polloi describes the inspiration for the collaboration: “For me, it's all about the rambling, walking & camping in mid to late seventies, it's the kind of jacket the old guys would be wearing. At the time we thought they looked pretty cool.”
“The jacket we found and chose to use for inspiration is one my favourite wardrobe pieces. It was in part designed by a legendary British mountaineer Chris Bonington.... we love that it's cotton, just using 2 layers...superb simple design...the hoods a great shape, the length a little longer than most jackets, but not so long as to make it a fully fledged mod parka"


  1. Looks very nice this and it's a definite nod to that Belstaff parka, no doubt about that. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection.

  2. not jacket related but Bonington related. Was taken to a lecture in carlisle that C Bonington gave during his mid 80s fame. many slides of him in wicked jackets in various stages of ascent and descent. The only thing i remember was a story he told about climbing to some remote part of the himalayas where few (massive bearded) white men had ever been and meeting the head of the tribe who greeted him with the only english he knew, which he picked up from past explorers. at the top of his voice Bonington shouted accross the auditorium 'FUCKSHITCUNTBITCH!' Place went nuts. Being 7 i thought that was nails!