9 August 2010

Vintage Berghaus.

I recently bought, and then sold this old Berghaus jacket, which I picked up a while back, probably a regrettable move, but how many orange coats does one man need? and it's back to the one-in-one-out thing, serious outdoor enthusiasts might know more about the model than I do, but it carries the original tag which you seldom see, so I'd say it dates from the seventies for sure.
Those without so much as a passing interest would dismiss this as being like something what a steward would wear, but you've got to love a bit of bright orange foul weather wear.
It's proper old school rambling/trainspotter geek chic again, and it's no doubt still really functional too.

1 comment:

  1. Now that's cool, I just acquired a green one exactly the same. Bring on the festivals!