21 August 2010

Chalwa - Poland's favourite Halva.

So, I was down the shops the other day, thought I'd treat myself, there's an ever growing small Polish section these days, had a quick look, thought 'that looks alright' upon spying the large bar called 'Chalwa', aye, I'll be a bit more cultured today, be daring, forget the usual Mars or Double Decker, I'll see how some Poles might snack, and plumped for the self dubbed 'Poland's Favourite halva', this whilst still wrapped looked pretty nice, I felt like young Charlie Bucket rushing out the shop to get stuck in, though there was no golden ticket, I was still quite excited.
Upon unwrapping, I noticed it had the look, and consistency of wet cement, or a sorry piece of cardboard left out in the rain for quite a few days, this didn't look too promising, but I took a bite, maybe I thought it was going to be like a Nik Nak, looks hanging - but tastes great, I was left cold, disappointed even, it tasted like something you'd find at the bottom of a rock pool. If anyone can come on and redeem these, then I'm all ears, it was bloody horrible. I've still got it if anyone wants it?

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