6 August 2010

Jimmy 1998-2010

Anyone who's ever owned a dog will know how I'm feeling right now, my best pal and trusty companion Jimmy has just passed away after a horrible five days of illness, I cannot believe he's gone. To see him deteriorate so rapidly and his final moments in front of us were truly heartbreaking, he recently turned twelve years old and had a fantastic life, I have plenty of memories to look back on. God bless you Jim, I'll miss you.
23/7/98 - 06/8/10


  1. ,Bad news. Awful man. Love my cat, not that shes as active as Jimmy looked! But I couldn't do with her company

  2. I know exactly how you're feeling, we had an akita who passed away at 12 after an illness a few years ago and in the final days she just lost all the characteristics that made her what she was.

    Not much to say that will make things any better at the moment it's like losing a family member, it just takes time to get over and you won't lose the memories - I've not.

    All the best, hope to see more updates on here soon.


  3. Poor Jimmy, sorry to hear that amigo

  4. All my thoughts for the faithful friend Jimmy and courage to you, he will live forever in your heart!

  5. Im sooo sad to hear about jimmy,

    from Ellie age 10 and Raf the choccie lab.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, a month ago now and I'm still gutted, I miss everything about him, I wish I could still take him out, stroke him, even pick up his poo!
    I think another dog is the way forward, can't live without 'em.