3 April 2010

Oi Polloi's new store.

Here's a little peak a the new Oi Polloi store on Thomas Street. Only a stone's throw away from the Tib Street store, the new premises are quite a jump from the little shop you'd be used to visiting.
I guess as Oi Polloi have grown, it's quite a change, having visited the original place since it opened I've seen quite a jump. Once upon a time new and old brands sat along side vintage garments and original trainers. Now the store stocks a vast choice of brands from around the globe, a selection so big it must have literally been getting too big for the old place.
I guess it's changed for the better, as cool and compact as the Tib Street store was, it would get crowded as it was busy and carrying such a choice in a small space occasionally made it a tad difficult to spot something specific. The new place features a full shoe wall, from Yuketens to Clarks, moccasins to brogues. Rails of the latest ranges from Cabourn, Engineered Garments, Oliver Spencer and Folk et al, glass cabinets featuring swish cycling and outdoors accessories, and large display cabinets showcasing handpicked outfits, plus a huge selection of denim.
All in a more spacious setting, so spacious in fact there was about three bicycles on show, and it was good to see Action Man and his pal had found their way around the corner too.
I'm sure there's finishing touches to be added, with I'd suspect window decals and subtle signage as per Tib St, I don't think 'Rox 1' thinks much of the place, like.
Two or three people actually asked me where this was as I was walking about the Northern Quarter, it's literally a minutes stroll from the old store, facing the multi storey car park and next to The Millstone pub.

Pics via OP's facebook page.

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  1. I must make the trip back up north soon to check the new store out, it's good to see the guys doing well.