8 April 2010

The Face - Dec 1991.

Article from The Face magazine, December 1991 by Gavin Hills.
'Whatever Happened to the Likely lads?'
Discussing the casual - acid house crossover of the late 80's to early 90's and the effect it had on match going lads. Also includes some old school Boys Own 'Top Fives'.
Click for full size images, you can actually read this one.
Nitto you sigh.


  1. good stuff that

    ive got hold of a load of football magazines from the 1950s which have some interesting articles in, ill get them scanned in soon


  2. Hills was a brilliant writer – the best chronicler of "this thing of ours". His only rival was Phil Thornton. These voices have been lost in the mainstream pop culture press these days, it's all public schoolboys in east London…

    What's mad is how the casual thing was so blitzed by acid house, that it almost became forgotten. Similar in a way, to the way in which the once-dominant dance music scene has been erased from memory to be replaced by a version of the 1980s that never truly existed.

  3. For anybody that isn't aware there is a collection of Hills' writing in the book Bliss To Be Alive (Penguin).

    Edited by Sheryl Garratt

    ps Hills couldn't tie Thornton's bootlaces in my very humble opinion

    Cheers Vaughanie

  4. class post! we'll have a good read of those articles! :-)

  5. I forgot how bad a magazine The Face was. Thanks for posting the article though. As much as it made me cringe, it made me smile in equal measure.

    As for Boys Own? Well the less said about that fanzine the better.