9 April 2010


MA.Strum is a fairly new label, created from the archives of the legendary Massimo Osti and from the design studio ran by his son and daughter. I'm going to be honest here and admit I wasn't all that fussed on what I'd seen when this brand first surfaced, seemed like a high price to pay for what was essentially an old look in my personal opinion, the name does also sound a bit like a Geordie Grandmother. But I'd no doubt have gone mad for this stuff when I was younger, had a more disposable income and was far more active in the ways I supported my football club.
Those days it was largely about SPW stuff, jackets with gimmicks and jackets that turned heads. As I've shifted to newer styles, and older bits and bobs, it's sometimes nice to get hold of, and appreciate the so called high end stuff that I may not normally look at these days, I got this via my pal Jay at 80s Casuals. The field quad jacket in 'Castle Green' is a good example of that kind of tackle, as I said above, every now and then I'm a sucker for a jacket with a gimmick or two, and this has that in abundance...

Fully functional and weather proof, this is made from cross dyed polyester so gives off a two tone shimmery effect depending on which way you glance at it. This also features a couple of the Stone Island inspired button off patches, which I realised actually glow in the dark. The jacket's main gimmick is the attached solar powered torch which charges itself through a clear panel on a chest pocket, I'm not sure when and where I may need this, but it's a cool little extra none the less.
I get the picture this brand would have been far better received had it been released just a few years back, in the wake of Osti's passing, but as is the norm with these things, I'm sure it'll become a lot more sought after once it's become unobtainable in the future.


  1. MaStrum is doing very well at the moment I'm told by my contacts at Flannels. My only complaint is that they've been quite conservative in the styles produced so far, in fact to be honest at this point in time the Osti connection seems little more than a marketing ploy than a celebration of the great man's work (M65's are okay, but he did far, far more...)

    Hopefully future seasons will expand out and become a little more adventurous in the styles produced, they've got definitely got the quality and finish ticked.

  2. Have to Agree with R G Matthews, The jackets are very middle of the road (at the moment). They are gaining popularity from the old and new, but like you say, Be interesting to see what they bring out in future seasons.