2 April 2010

Connoisseur 'Club Colours'.

Here's a design I did for The Casual Connoisseur, sometimes the most simple things work the best, and this one - utilising the tee as a blank canvas is very simple but works a treat for me.
We tried several versions and colours of this, with a navy blue, yellow and tangy blue combo being my fave, but unfortunately it was too complex for the screenprinters to bash out in staggered sizes.
My brainwave was based on football club colours, a way to show your allegiance whilst being subtle about it, pitting the age old Subbuteo blue against red.
These are pretty limited in numbers and who knows maybe we'll try a few other colours in the future.


  1. Wheres Latics Chas ;) didnt notice them in the list ha!

  2. Look a little closer Grimothy.

  3. oh yes :) I just skimmed, I was expecting us at the bottom in all honesty. Good design as always!

  4. nice1 ;)