4 February 2010


Today I took delivery of this reversible YMC blouson/harrington from S/S 07 a collection based on the spirit of '69 and a contemporary take on the suedehead style. A simple two pocket short lightweight smart harrington, gingham on one side and a nice clean white on the other. What makes this stand out for me is the button down collar.
I've not really bought much from YMC, I've had the Angling jacket which they released again this season, and was always a highly regarded piece.

And it was rude not to snap up that wax hunting jacket with more pockets than a man could ever need, they did last Autumn, for a bullseye.

Whilst it's still as cold as a witch's tit around here, this one won't be seeing the light of day for a while. But it's a nice little number for the summer. One with a double use, which is always a bonus for those as easily pleased as one's self.

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