22 February 2010

Clarks Rambler

Clarks Rambler, aceness. Taking its inspiration from an original 1976 design, whilst the Minster Moor from a couple of years ago came close.
This belting re-working reintroduces the classic Polyveldt construction.
I last had a pair of these in a chestnut brown/burgundy colour probably nine or ten years ago now, so for this long time Clarks aficionado, it's long overdue.


  1. The styling is still very relevant today. I expect the price was quite acceptable ...


  2. First time in a long time I have paid full whack for Clarks shoes squire (used to work in a shoe shop) I 'needed' them though so could justify it after a bit of a clearout.

    But hey, if you're reading this Clarks, remember you'll probably sell a few pairs as a result of this post, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  3. Oh my God, I've just bought a pair of Oberon and a pair of Ramblers (or Naturetrek as we called em in the 70s).
    I first loved Oberon in primary school in Wythenshawe, 1973, when my violin teacher and headmaster wore them. Then at secondary school it was teachers in Oberon and Naturetrek. And loads of cool kids. Except me. Now I'm a teacher and it's payback...