18 February 2010

Belstaff Derwent.

A recent acquisition, vintage Belstaff Derwent jacket, dating from the 70's.
Proper old school rambling tackle in that familiar old green, well worn in by previous owners who knows where? scruffy cool. Bonington vibes.
I must admit I'm not a big Belstaff fan, I don't personally see the appeal of their more famous and now fashion conscious motorcycle jackets. But in contrast their now hard to find old outdoor coats from the seventies and eighties really tick my box.

Originally Made in England and founded in Longton, Staffordshire.
Belstaff is now Italian owned and based.
This style of jacket is quilted lined and still inspires modern brands of today, it has a turn-out and turn down collar come hood which gives it a kind of double look, a hood/collar which I knew I'd seen before. Garbstore's 'Woodland Sider Racer' jacket from Spring 09 (as pictured above) has an identical replicated version a nod and a wink to this very style of coat? who knows.


  1. I never even knew Belstaff produced coats like this in the Seventies. The forerunner to many an urban waterproof.

    That Italian buyout helped them up their game a bit, but also brought the brand to the attention of the Euro bounders. Shame really.


  2. I live in Italy and Belstaff is big amongst the fashionable/outerwear oriented Italians a bit. I have been in their stores many times and I frankly don't like much of what is being produced these days. For the money I would rather invest in Barbour. Even though Barbour has recently begun targeting its product towards a more contemporary market, I feel their quality is superior to that of Belstaff's. Nice jacket nonetheless, just wish they would produce garments with this type of styling today at an honest price.