9 February 2010

Jibbing the Special.

Often we hear tales from those older and wiser about those halcyon hooligan days of yore, the times where 'Stanley' made an appearance, twenty ran two hundred, exaggerated tales which got more unlikely each time they were told. But one yarn you used to hear but seldom saw was pulling the alarm cord and jumping off the train as it makes it's unplanned stop, done for varying reasons, i.e. to avoid detection from an awaiting platform full of police, to avoid paying for tickets en masse, or to get into uncharted territory the back way, to show up unannounced.
Well here it is, evidence from the early eighties as Portsmouth ( they took lots of photos ) get into Wakefield the other way.


  1. Portsmouth were always a bunch of nutters from what I can remember!


  2. I don't know where you find these pics mate but I'm glad you do.

  3. Great pics, but begs the question were they playing Ossett Town or Ossett Albion that day? Or maybe Portsmouth RLFC were taking on Trinity?

  4. I assumed they were on their way to Leeds or Barnsley mate.