28 February 2010

70's Rock Stars with their parents.

Grace Slick and mother Virgina, California 1970.

Ginger Baker with mother Ruby, Bexley 1971.

Elton John with his Mother and Stepfather, London 1971.

David Crosby with father Floyd, California 1970.

Frank Zappa with parents Francis and Rosemary, California 1970.

Joe Cocker and mother Majorie, Sheffield 1970.

Ritchie Havens and his parents, Brooklyn 1971.

Eric Clapton and Grandmother Rose, Surrey 1970.

So then, 100 posts in. I hope some people out there have enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed this blogging lark in the last few months. Here's a little something you may have seen before, or may be looking at for the first time. Either way it's just cool, and a fitting one hundredth post tenuously linked to one of my fave blogging's Surroundings posted last December.
All photographs by John Olson. Source: Life image archives.

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