19 November 2009


A few recent additions, all from Woolrich, first up a Railroad vest, one of the earliest garments made at the Woolrich mills in Pennsylvania. Originally made for railroaders in the late 1800s, and has been in production ever since, perfect for layering under a parka and over a nice shirt.
Also touched for a new hooded flannel shirt, heavy plaid with half button placket and button cuffs, but with a drawstring hood, and pouch pockets, maybe it's a hoody? no it's definitely a shirt, or is it a hoody? I'm sure it's a shirt.
And lastly a Woolrich Woolen Mills cap, Stormey Kromer-esque but it's made from glorious herringbone tweed, and with optional drop down 'ears' too, which, admittedly, worn that way makes me look like a bit like a Sikh (with this beard) or Arnie in Total Recall when he's got that wet towel on his napper. I have no idea where this current obsession with all things American outdoorsy is taking me, next time you see me I'll be the one who looks a bit like Paul Bunyan.


  1. Great minds think alike. Just blogged about the merits of the railroad vest as an actual wearable 19th century revival piece. Great pics btw.


  2. do you know where to find the hat? i found the vest at http://www.woolrich.com but I could not find the hat.

  3. I saw the hat on yoox.com. Was going to get it myself but I'm not much of a hat person unless it is a cap or bucket. Hope I could be of some help.