10 November 2009

Desert and Forest Clothing

My bro recently touched for this two-tone outdoorsy jacket from a pal.
Elk was a short lived and now not often seen label from around ten years ago. Produced by ex-Smiths, The The and Electronic guitarist, Johnny Marr, and one of the founding members of Manchester's Oi Polloi.
This label was available in high end stores like Selfridges and Harvey Nicholls in the capital, and also the now defunct Geese in Manchester, notably their leather cagoules were worn by Oasis, New Order's Bernie Sumner, and was at the time described by DJ Mike Pickering as "beautiful scallywear" Elk was about to take off in Japan, but an ill-advised partnership with a production company meant the firm folded. Elk was 'built in Britain' and was dubbed Desert and Forest Clothing.

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