27 November 2009

Salt Lake City Sundance.

Another bit of vintage US kit, from the 70's. Sundance Products two-tone parka.
I reckon there's a chance one or two out there with similar interests will instantly recognise this, it's been on a certain online auctioneer for what seemed like an eternity, I took the punt, and I'm glad I did.
But for a bastard customs charge, which was about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit, this was another uber bargain.
Manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah had a mountaineering clothing and camping gear industry in the 1960s and 70s, but it was overshadowed by the industry of Colorado - the design and construction of this parka is arguably not as polished as the products of Holubar, Gerry and other Colorado companies, and Powderhorn Mountaineering from the neighbouring state Wyoming, who did this style of jacket best.
This scarcely seen parka is made of a heavy 85% polyester & 15% cotton densely woven blend that's very wind and rain resistant - in burned orange (Tomato Soup) and chocolate shades. its fully lined in a further contrasting colour which really works, has two large front pockets and two very sizable 'Napoleon' hand-warmer pockets.

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