1 November 2009

Casketeers, Sheffield.

I like Real Ale, so may aswell mention it, I was always a bitter drinker, but a few years ago I knew there was more to life than drinking crap, generic, heavy bitter, so the self discovery of proper Cask Ales was more than welcome, I said goodbye to hangovers and ponce bars and hailed the discovery of great pubs across the country.

I prefer a pale ale, Copper Dragon's Golden Pippin, Robinson's Dizzy Blonde, Castle Rock's Harvest Pale, Marble's Pint, or Hogsback T.E.A if you're buying?

I also like a bit of a ramble, or an urban ramble, combining the two is a good little jaunt when at a loose end on a Saturday afternoon. As my once proud football club is still ruled by the administrators and consigned to relegation in the horrendous League One 'South', I'm deliberately not bothering. So it was with that intention we made the short journey over and under the pennines to the city of Sheffield.

The home of one of the country's most decorated alehouses The Kelham Island Tavern, with The Fat Cat just a stone's kick away, which was also a cracking pub, I had a couple of Pale Rider from the Kelham Island brewery, 2004's beer of Britain, nice but a little strong for a session. The best pint I had all day was probably the Abbeydale Moonshine - if anything because it was the first pint and I was gasping after a couple of (lost) miles trying to find the place. This was in The Bath Hotel a great little backstreet pub off the beaten track (of fun bars) on the main drag, it reminded me of a good old London boozer.

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  1. regular at the bath hotel, of a saturday afternoon ... brian's a top fella.