8 November 2009

60/40 part two

Back to my 60/40 post a while ago, I finally managed to nab the one which kept getting away, after several near misses, this vivid orange mountain parka arrived yesterday, from Sierra Designs - a classic American outdoor brand from California.
The '60/40' style five pocket silhouette was first introduced in 1968 and is still produced (albeit pretty limited) today and borrowed by many other brands from fellow outdoor labels to fashion tat. Those really into their films, may recognise the original orange mountain parka from early scenes in the epic Michael Cimino movie The Deer Hunter sported by Bobby De Niro himself.
Being a tree hugger, the only shooting I'll be doing in this is taking a few pictures. I wouldn't advocate hunting whatsoever, but they wear nice garments.


  1. Nice, I've been after one of these myself, just missed out on a green one on yank ebay last week.

  2. I have the classic orange one aswell.

  3. Amazing buy. Being American, I can tell you that Sierra Designs' garments are absolute garbage these days. You were lucky to find one of these, enjoy!